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Our systems complement the skills and experience when accomplishing what we undertake on behalf of our clients.

Unity Fund Services established a cloud-based, securely hosted network architecture that is fully compliant with business continuity and disaster recovery.

In addition, we utilise a fully hosted, maintained and secure data centre in the United States, Generic Network Systems (GNS). GNS provides Unity Fund Services with complete turn-key disaster recovery protection. Synchronised copies of data are stored at remote locations so they can be quickly restored after an unforeseeable event. Unity Fund Services have robust service-level agreements in place with GNS to ensure uptime reliability and platform scalability.

Our technology platform enables us to provide comprehensive reporting packs including investment position appraisal (portfolio), P&L, balance sheet, trial balance and general ledger. Our system gives us the ability to produce real-time data and “as-of” reporting, enabling our clients to receive accurate information at any point in time, based on the information as it was then known.

Our registry system is one of the best seen in the industry with fully integrated features reducing workarounds built outside the system.

Fund Accounting & Portfolio Software

Key features of the platform include:


Full sub-ledger and GL

Capture of total transaction history including reversals

Real-time data access

and dynamic, single-step error correction

Standard integration

with prime brokers, custodians and industry-leading data providers such as Reuters® Datascope Select , Interactive Data and Bloomberg;

Accurate NAV calculation

including performance fee considerations such as high watermarks, series calculations and accrual adjustments

Comprehensive support

for all investment products, strategies and instruments.

Multicurrency platform capability

for all global instruments and transaction types, including complex derivatives such as bank debt and swaps

Out-of-the-box dashboards

and reporting functionality for exposure, real-time P&L and performance

Real-time data and “as-of” reporting functionality

to ensure accurate information at any point in time

Geneva Advantage®

Simplified cash, position, and transaction reconciliation

Full audit trail of all systemic updates and changes

including date, time and before and after values, leading to increased controls, reduced risk and improved investor confidence.

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